Our Top 6 Reasons to Join Co:Lab

Co:Lab is an opportunity for you to apply your skills, build new connections into the city and work with others to produce a high-impact solution for a real community issue. Here are our top 6 reasons you should apply:

1. Gain Professional Skills: During workshops, you’ll be exposed to new concepts such as design thinking and rapid prototyping. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to develop leadership and management skills.

2. Build Your Network: Meet other participants with a variety of backgrounds and skills, and gain exposure to community leaders from city government, business improvement districts and other civic organizations.

3. Learn From Local Mentors: Each team will have local community leaders, content experts and entrepreneurs as advisors to guide you as you develop your solution.

4. Explore New Neighborhoods: Visit areas of the city that you’ve never been to before, and get to know the businesses and people that exist there.

5. Rep Your Company: Be a positive representative of your company in the community, and take what you learn in the program back to your workplace.

6. Give Back to Your Community: Help solve real community challenges like public health and safety, urban planning and infrastructure.

Wyatt Tinder