Making Progress

We’re about halfway through our workshops, and our teams are making great progress on their neighborhood projects! Here’s a status update from a few members of our cohort:

“It can be challenging to figure out the right people to go to and learn who is involved. It’s this big web. I was not familiar with the Near West Side before this program and before we got assigned the challenge. So for us, it’s just been figuring out how we narrow in and find the people that will be most representative of not only the businesses there, but also the residents.” – Tori Bringedahl, Avenues West Team

“What we’ve learned about Granville in this process, from the people working and living in Granville, is that there are as many assets in the community as there are challenges. It’s not a particularly well understood neighborhood in greater Milwaukee. We’ve been blessed to talk to business owners, manufacturers…and really getting an understanding of what makes Granville unique and what makes it an opportunity for investment and development.“ - Chad Tessmer, Granville Team

“I’ve learned a lot about creative problem solving and going into communities that I’m not familiar with.” - Andy Hartman, Mitchell Street Team

See the teams pitch their community projects at The Big Impact during YPWeek on Wednesday, April 24th at the Sherman Phoenix.

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